Operations and Maintenance

Commercial Solar Operations & Maintenance Services Providing Innovative Solutions Across Texas

DWS first became involved in the solar industry by repairing commercial rooftop solar systems that were experiencing issues due to poor design or installation.  We quickly became known as troubleshooters who could be called upon to fix the mistakes of others. Through that experience, we have developed a reputation for problem-solving that makes our operations and maintenance team the best in Texas.

Every system we install today comes with a five-year DWS workmanship warranty, while the industry standard is typically two years. This reflects our level of confidence in the quality of our work. All system components we install are guaranteed for long-term performance, from 10  to 25 years or more. We also offer extended O&M services, with proactive maintenance and monitoring to eliminate the possibility of system downtime.

Our small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAV) enable us to capture dynamic data faster than before. Using FLIR infrared cameras, we can now quickly analyze the overall health of your PV system using radiometric data and further diagnose issues down to the individual solar panel with minimal truck rolls.

Utility-Scale O&M

For investor-owned, utility-scale solar projects, DWS operates as a full-service data analytics partner. We can help lower inspection costs, shorten inspection times, and improve preventative maintenance by reducing losses that accrue over time. Our services reduce the number of truck rolls and high-risk activities by using the latest remote technologies to improve safety, increase efficiencies, and enhance your overall asset management.

Every project comes with a Performance Guarantee from DWS Energy. Our 24/7 preventative maintenance services leverage monitoring software and drone-based thermography to meet and exceed your KPIs. We send monthly or quarterly reporting updates, customizable to our clients’ preferences.

Our performance-oriented monitoring software is designed to fix problems virtually with all key commercial inverter brands and storage manufacturers, thus minimizing truck rolls and avoiding the “noise” often associated with managing multiple vendors.

Preventive Maintenance

Routine inspections to avert the risk of malfunctions or unexpected outages. 24/7 monitoring software combined with drone-based thermography

System Remediation

For existing projects, we can replace aging materials, and remediate weather damage from wind, lightning or hail storms.

Removals and Reinstallations

We can reconfigure and change out components for any roof or HVAC work performed by a system owner’s previous contractors.

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