Commercial Solar

Large-Scale Commercial Solar Panel Installation Providing Innovative Solutions Across Texas

We specialize in commercial solar panel installation for large-scale projects across Texas. Our first solar projects were as subcontractors for Tesla and Peterson Dean in 2017. In the years since, we’ve grown our portfolio to install many well-known solar projects: the Ikea Dallas store (1.2 MW), Toyota Manufacturing in San Antonio (3.1 MW), Verizon Communications in Irving (3.2 MW), and many more.

Our commitment to service has earned DWS a reputation for honesty and integrity — we are the first to tell you if your project is not suitable for solar. Our goal is to help you lower your electricity bill, even if PV is not the best fit for your particular roof.

When solar is right for your business, we believe we’re the best partner for the job. Our experience in commercial solar panel design and installation, combined with our strict attention to detail, make us leaders in Texas commercial solar.

Why Are More Businesses Going Solar?

In Texas, we’re experiencing what might be called “the perfect storm” for solar installations. With energy costs rising to unprecedented levels, extreme weather challenging our independent grid, increasing demand,  and global conflicts constraining our energy supply, customers are discovering that solar is a wise business decision with benefits that go far beyond financial.

Cost Savings

Immediately reduce or eliminate your electric bill and protect your business from future utility rate hikes.

Corporate ESG Imperatives

Reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by relying on renewable energy for on-site energy and fleet electrification.

Energy Resilience

Solar + energy storage enables you to protect your business in times of extreme weather and grid instability.

Environmental Benefits

Lower your carbon emissions by getting your energy from the sun!