Energy Storage

Renewable Energy Storage & Backup Power Providing Innovative Solutions Across Texas

For a growing number of companies and organizations, backup power is no longer optional. Increased risk of power outages due to extreme weather and an aging grid infrastructure calls for increased energy resilience.

Solar plus energy storage helps companies cut their carbon emissions and boost their bottom line simultaneously. The Solar Energy Industries Association predicts that by 2025 over 29% of all new behind-the-meter solar systems will be paired with energy storage, compared to under 11% in 2021.

Backup power can come in many forms. At DWS, we offer the full range of energy storage solutions:

Battery Backup

Lithium-ion batteries continue to be the solution of choice for grid-tied or off-grid renewable energy systems. DWS offers a variety of offerings and can configure the right solution for your commercial building’s needs.

Backup Generators

While the incumbent generator technology is not renewable, there are now several options on the market for backup generators powered by renewable sources.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

DWS was the Electrical Contractor of Record for the first MegaWatt-scale PEM fuel cell generator for one of the world’s largest fuel cell manufacturers, now in operation at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. DWS is an ideal partner for renewable developers seeking to integrate green hydrogen
generation into any existing solar or wind operation.