Industries That Will Benefit from Implementing Commercial Solar Solutions

Dws Energy Manufacturing - DWS Energy


High energy-intensive manufacturing processes can benefit from solar installations to offset power consumption and reduce long-term operational costs.

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Warehousing & Distribution

Facilities with large storage spaces and extensive roof areas can leverage solar energy to reduce electricity bills and enhance their green image.

DWS Energy San Antonio Texas 108 N Rosillo St solar project

Food & Beverage

Restaurants, breweries, and food processing facilities can benefit from the use of solar energy to power operations and reduce electricity costs.

Dws Energy Data Center - DWS Energy

Technology & Data Centers

High energy consumption and a commitment to sustainability make the technology sector, particularly data centers, strong candidates for solar investments.

Dws Energy Education - DWS Energy

Educational Institutions

Universities and schools often have large campuses with suitable roof spaces, making them ideal candidates for solar installations to reduce energy costs and promote sustainability.

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Farms with ample land can install solar panels to generate electricity for their operations, potentially reducing reliance on the grid and lowering overall energy costs.

DWS Energy Dallas 1000 Ikea Way solar project

Retail Chains

Large retail stores with expansive roof spaces can harness solar energy to reduce operating costs and showcase commitment to sustainable practices.

Dws Energy Hospitality Rachel Claire - DWS Energy

Hospitality (Hotels & Resorts)

Large hotels and resorts can benefit from solar energy to power facilities, reduce energy bills, and appeal to environmentally conscious customers.

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Hospitals and healthcare facilities, with their continuous energy needs, can benefit from solar installations to decrease electricity costs and enhance resilience.

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Commercial Real Estate

Property owners and managers can increase the value of their buildings by integrating solar solutions, attracting environmentally conscious tenants and reducing operational costs.